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How would you change Google Talk?


Google TalkYes, the 800 pound gorilla jumped into the IM biz this week (no, the Hello client does not count). We know you've had a chance to check it out because no less than 3,872 of you tipped us on it. It's not really our game to cover specific software apps (slippery slope, you know), but we like to use this "How would you change…" feature to get a chance to occasionally rip those kinds of things apart. We'll start off with a few items on our wishlist for Google Talk:

  • Um, Mac client anyone?

  • Interoperability with… well, anything, really.

  • Ability to search archived chats within Gmail

  • Generate a searchable text transcript of voice chats (hey, may as well dream)

  • Video chat!

Your turn: how would you change Google Talk?

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