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Cancelled games that broke our hearts

Ross Miller

True Fantasy Live Online Screen (225)The Internet is a wonderful tool – the ability to send and receive information blazingly fast as it is happening, well, the pure mechanics of it can be mind-boggling. The downside of such unprecedented access to information is, however, at least for video games, a growing attachment and hype for a game long before its release. We find out the instance a game is announced, view screenshots as they become conceived, watch videos, read developer diaries, previews, hands-on impressions, and any other newsworthy controversy that arises from the game. So we build up all this hype for a game, and when it is finally released it never lives up to our expectations. Or, worse, it gets cancelled and we will never find out.

GameSpot has a feature chronicling some of these unfortunate games that never see the light of day (poor True Fantasy Live Online, pictured). My biggest disappointment, personally, was Fallout 3. I had bought Fallout 1 & 2 as a value pack and fell in love with how involving and funny the game was – it really did have amazing dialogue. Best of all, you could convince the last boss to kill himself – classic. I would have loved to see the game, and even though the creators of Morrowind have picked it up, I still feel it will not be the same game as it could have been. But time will tell with that – what are your biggest heartbreaking game moments? Or, for that matter, what one game do you wish was cancelled?

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