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German carrier offering Skype to subscribers

Peter Rojas
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We all know that the wireless carriers generally have no love for Skype — they're not exactly encouraging their customers to use anything that helps them get around using voice minutes — but everybody's fave telco killer did manage to get at least one of them to come around, at least sort of. Skype made a somewhat hazy announcement earlier today that a German carrier by the name of E-Plus will offer Skype to subscribers who sign up for a €40 flat-rate unlimited data plan. The devil is in the details, of course, and there's no mention of whether any actual phones are going to be involved in this deal or if this is just for people who are accessing E-Plus' network using a wireless laptop. We're guessing that it's the latter, which would suck a lot of the air out this announcement since any laptop user could already download and use Skype free of charge.

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