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Samsung HT-PR16 one-piece home theater system

Marc Perton

samsung ht-pr16

Yamaha's YSP-1 and YSP-800 are sleek, stylish sound projectors, designed to fill a room with surround sound without, well, filling the room with speakers. Samsung's HT-PR16 is also called a sound projector, but from the looks of it, it's basically a DVD player surrounded by speakers. Stylish it's definitely not. Still, at $250, it could be a good starter package for a basic home-theater-in-a-box (and it does include Divx support). And, of course, Samsung is very good at upscaling their products, so we have no doubt we'll see a higher-end version of this next year, that may just give the YSP-800 (though probably not the higher-end YSP-1) a run for its money.

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