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Carbon Nanotube TV proof of concept

Kevin C. Tofel

No, it's not something from StarTrek, it's the real deal. Applied Nanotech, a subsidiary of Nano-Proprietary, Inc., has demonstrated a 25-inch display that is powered by Carbon Nanotubes. Before you all get too excited, the proof-of-concept video shows a very grainy 280 x 200 resolution video. Keep in mind, however, what a "proof-of-concept" is all about.

The company believes that they can apply the technology in 1280 x 720 resolution on an 80-inch screen. There isn't much additional information available yet other than the press release, so I can't be sure why Applied Nanotech is demonstrating the new technology. The company states that there is no "ghosting" and my guess is that there is also a huge power savings in this type of display.

You can catch the 280 x 200 Flash video from this page once you click the Demonstrations link. I wonder if we need to add this to our "What type of HDTV do you own?" poll.


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