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Take-Two takes a hit in revenues; Civ IV to ship before Halloween

Ross Miller

Who needs trick-or-treating when you can conquer the world? Take-Two, in reporting losses of $28.8 million this quarter, has announced a couple of changes to the shipping dates of its upcoming games. Civilization IV, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and The Warriors will all ship before the end of October, but Bully has been pushed back to sometime after February 2006. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, whose hidden sex minigame caused it to be pulled off the shelves (and likely the big reason of Take-Two's quarter losses), will return to stores sex-free next week.

Also announced for 2006, though in vague references, were two PSP games, a sequel to a Rockstar game, a brand new franchise for the Xbox 360, and of course "extensions of the Grand Theft Auto franchise." Because, honestly, what would 2006 be without some Grand Theft Auto controversy?

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