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Is September "National HD Projector Month?"

Kevin C. Tofel

Geez, the announcements are flying all over the place and they seem so focused on front projectors! In the "YAFPA" or "Yet Another Front Projector Announcement" category, we have Yamaha's DPX-1300 hitting the streets in October. The suggested retail is around $12,500, so this is no entry-level unit.

The DPX is powered by an SoC (system on chip) from Silicon Optix called Realta. The Realta chip can perform one-trillion operations per second for 10-bit video processing and silky smooth motion. DVI and HDMI inputs are both included with the DPX which boasts a 5,000:1 contrast ratio and 720p resolution.

All of these projectors hitting the market are great, but we've got to see the prices come down a little. Folks are more than willing to spend 75% less for a good-sized flat panel!


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