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Sprint gets the beat with Rhapsody Radio

Marc Perton

Sprint Audiovox PPC-6601If you're a Sprint Nextel customer suffering Cingular envy since you can't get the iTunes ROKR (yeah, we know, but humor us on this for a minute), you can now get your music going with a version of Real's Rhapsody Radio, which Sprint will offer for $6.95 per month. Just in case you're keeping track at home, that's about double the price of the cheapest PC-based Rhapsody Radio offering, though we guess the premium is worth it, since, in addition to Rhapsody Radio's package of streaming music stations, you get the instrumental "Beats 'n' Breaks" service, which lets you sing along to instrumental-only versions of popular songs. So, for $6.95, you basically get a poor man's Sirius (even though you can already get the real thing on Sprint), plus the opportunity to own a karaoke phone. Suddenly that ROKR's looking pretty good.

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