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Buy Dockers, get free TiVo

Evan Blass
dockers tivo deal

OK, so cross-promotional marketing has officially gone too far. Yes, we want our $50 TiVo, we'd be happy with the free year of TiVo service you get from purchasing an iRiver PMC-120, and of course we'd love to be crowned the TiVo ambassador. But what the heck do pleated khakis have to do with time-shifting your video content? Beats us, but that isn't stopping Dockers from offering a free Series 2 TiVo with the purchase of $100 in qualifying apparel (from JC Penney's only), between September 25th and the 28th. You also get three months of free TiVo service in the deal, which of course you have to cancel on your own if you don't want to keep getting billed. Kind of ironic that these new TiVo owners will be joyfully skipping over all those Dockers commercials that alerted them to this promo in the first place.

[Via Zatz Not Funny]

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