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Robot uncovers $10 billion treasure

Evan Blass

robinson crusoe island

Chilean robot "Arturito," who made his bones, literally, by finding a dead man's bones, has now taken on the decidedly less-altruistic task of treasure hunting. Seemingly little more than a modified metal detector, Arturito was unleashed on Chile's Robinson Crusoe island (pictured above) where he stumbled across about 600 barrels of buried gold coins and jewels, presumably looted from the Incans during the Spanish occupation. The hunters' lawyer estimates the treasure to be valued at around $10 billion (our lawyer tells us that Engadget has a similar valuation), and promises that it will be donated to non-profit organizations (although the Chilean government says you can't donate what you don't own; way to flex that eminent domain muscle, guys). Expect GoldenPalace to develop their own "treasurebot" that scours eBay for even more grilled cheese sandwiches, beat-up old cars, and celebrity pregnancy tests.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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