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Worst celebs in HDTV list updated

Kevin C. Tofel

We shared the 10 worst looking celebs in high-def earlier this year. TVPredictions has updated their list and we thought we'd share again. More importantly, after you view this list of "worst celebs in HDTV", we want you tell us who is missing from the list. You can't pick me for two reasons; first, I'm not (and never will be) a celeb and second, I apparently didn't make the cut at Sunday's NASCAR race which I attended and TNT-HD broadcasted.

Here's the worst celebs in high-def, starting at the bottom and working up.

10. Clint Eastwood
9. Bill Clinton. When the heck was he on in high-def?
8. Sandra Bullock
7. Ray Liotta. Is he still on TV?
6. President George W. Bush

5. David Letterman. Actually, he's better than some of his guests.
4. Heather Locklear.  Hmm...she still looks OK to me.
3. Donald Trump
2. Demi Moore

and the TVPredicitions' worst looking celeb in high-def is:
Teri Hatcher. Ok, she's looked better, but I think this desparate housewife is aging well.

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