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Sprint PPC-6700 reviewed

Sprint PPC-6700

Matt Maier got four days with Sprint's new HTC Apache based PPC-6700 and he seems to be a fan. Obviously the Apache features still rock; WiFi, Bluetooth, EV-DO network, 1.3 mega-pixel camera, and Windows Mobile 5.0—but Matt also seems to dig the size, battery life, and EV-DO and WiFi reception. He says "the 6700 may be the best-designed and implemented PDA phone to date." And according to him it might even be able to pull laptop duty for a weekend thanks to the large keyboard (though not as tactile as the Treo's) and the well implemented feature set. Of course, all these happy convergence experiences come at a price. After a $150 rebate the phone will still cost you $479, and the Sprint data service isn't exactly cheap either, but once you convince your boss that the PPC-6700 will allow you to commit every single waking moment of your life to productive endeavors, we're sure she'll be more than happy to assist you in purchasing.

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