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LeadTek XEye head-mounted display reviewed

Marc Perton

eyetekSomeday, someone will get the whole head-mounted display thing right. Until then, anyone who wants to play games or catch a flick using high-tech mirrorshades will just have to carry a bottle of aspirin and some Pepto. According to TrustedReviews, the LeadTek XEye, currently only available in Asia, suffers some of the same problems inherent in previous similar displays, including an uncomfortable fit, poor video quality, and that old wooziness (described by the reviewer as "feeling that your eyeballs are being slowly sucked out of their sockets") that pretty much makes using this for more than a few minutes a no-go. Still, we're pretty sure that someone will get this right sooner or later. It's been in too many sci-fi films for them not to, right?

[Via Digital Media Thoughts]

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