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Pioneer's Raku-Navi car navigation and A/V systems with 30GB HDD


Pioneer raku-navi car navigation

Pioneer just slapped some 30GB disk drives and 7-inch touch screens into their already slammin' "Raku-Navi" car navigation systems with integrated A/V. Offered in four models which can be installed as 2-DIN, on-dash, in-dash, or rear-monitor set systems. Of note, is the Music Server feature which can automatically rip your CDs during playback and improved traffic congestion and route searching capabilities via new Congestion Forecast Route Search and On-demand VICS for real-time traffic congestion data via Bluetooth connection to your cellphone. All the models feature hands-free calling out-of-the-box and can be expanded with optional iPod adapter and terrestrial digital TV tuner for an additional cost. Models will list between ¥147k ($1200US) to ¥273k ($2400US) and available for turning-out your ride by late October. Sorry, Japan only.

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