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Panasonic unveils "world's smallest" 1080p plasma

Evan Blass
panasonic 50-inch plasma

Panasonic has just unveiled a new plasma television which they claim to be the world's smallest PDP capable of displaying 1080p content. The 50-inch model, which is being shown at Japan's CEATEC 2005, had to overcome a number of technical difficulties in its development. Most challenging was coaxing adequate brightness, stable discharge, and appropriate speed out of such tiny pixels. Panasonic was able to achieve this breakthrough using new, proprietary methods as well as transferring some technology from their 65-inch 1080p model. Better catch a flight to Tokyo if you want to pick one up, though; 50 inches of 1080p goodness will only be available in Japan, starting November 1st (Note: model pictured is a 50-inch Panasonic 1080i plasma).

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