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"Analog Awakening" combines alarm clock, glass of water

Evan Blass
analog awakening alarm clock

While we have the Engadget mansion all decked out with water coolers in every room, other people prefer the more jury-rigged solution of keeping a glass of water on the nightstand for bouts of late-night dry mouth. Peter Brooren is one of these people, and since he must have quite a tiny nightstand, he found the need to combine his bedside water glass with his alarm clock.  The result: a coaster-like alarm clock, called "Analog Awakening," upon which a special glass is placed and struck by tiny hammer underneath in order to perform the wake-up duties. The tone of the alarm is determined by the amount of water in the glass—more water, lower tone, less water, higher tone. Can water dribble down the side of the glass and short out the clock? We have no idea; this is just a concept design.

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