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The scoop on the Tungsten TX

Peter Rojas
Tungsten TX

No sooner do we gripe about not having solid specs for Palm's unannounced new Tungsten TX handheld than a source at Best Buy hooks us up with a product sheet listing pretty much everything we wanted to know. Here's the official scoop: the Tungsten TX runs Palm OS Garnet 5.4, has a 320 x 480 pixel, 65,000 color LCD touch screen, built-in 802.11b WiFi, Bluetooth 1.1 (which seems kinda weak, why not at least Bluetooth 1.2?), 128MB of memory, a 312MHz processor, and an SDIO expansion card slot. Top of the line for a Palm, but one can't help but feel like they're falling further and further behind the competition when it comes to non-smartphone handhelds.

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