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Bizzare issues bizarre apology for PGR3 polygon count

Ross Miller

Wirefram mclaren pgr 3 (425)

Bizarre Creations, developers of the upcoming Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360, have been lying to us all. They have been claiming that each car used in their racing sequel would have a polygon count of around 80,000. As it turns out, they were wrong, and they are apologizing – in actuality, each will have on average 96,000 polygons, with the polygon count going as low as 85,000 and as high as 105,000. For shame, Bizarre, that you must lie to us so blatantly…

As an act of contrition, Bizarre has released some new wallpaper-sized images of the McLaren F1 LM, and they are very beautiful, indeed. Do you recall a game that you disappointed by because it came out with a lower-than-promised polygon count?

[via Team XBox; thanks, Master X 24]

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