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FingerGear Computer-On-a-Stick…now with Bio

Bio Computer-on-a-stick

FingerGear and Atmel have teamed up to create the Bio Computer-On-a-Stick; now with fingerprint security. And just like FingerGear's sans biometric boot stick, this version runs on Linux 2.6.x with Gnome and bundles pretty much all the MS Office compatible desktop and Internet apps you're gonna need. Drop data into the public partition to easily share it on a Windows or Linux PC or Mac without having to boot or authenticate. Data dropped onto the protected private partition can only be accessed when booting the device and then authenticating via login password or fingerprint — just keep in mind that the stick will only boot on an x86 PC with USB boot support. Available in configs from 256MB to 8GB starting at US$149.

[Via Geekzone]

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