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The People's Informant! Spy Hunter 3 info

Alan Rose
Spyhunter 3 Rock

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has apparently revealed some new details on Midway's next installment of the Spy Hunter franchise, the aptly titled Spy Hunter 3. He recently completed filming motion-capture footage to enhance the game's animation which means that, like DRIV3R, you can now get out of the car! However, the burning question is, do you really want to? Atari mucked with the original Driver formula to disastrous results. The Rock also confirmed John Woo has taken the reigns of the Spy Hunter feature film in which he will star. No stranger to the video game arena, The People's Champion has lent his voice talent, likeness, and raised eyebrow to the Scorpion King and numerous WWE titles. Lest we forget next week's premiere of the DOOM film, which is sure to elevate the video game movie genre.

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