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Entertrainer hijacks TV if your workout's lagging

Evan Blass
powerup fitness entertrainer

While we're all total workout machines here at Engadget, we realize that some people have a harder time finding the motivation to pump themselves up. Well PowerUp Fitness thinks they have just the product to motivate the lazy lumps out there—a heart rate monitor called the Entertrainer that either lowers your TV's volume or turns it off altogether if your pulse doesn't stay within pre-determined thresholds during your workout. The monitor attaches to your chest and sends its readings to a base unit, which then decides whether or not to hijack your TV. This device may provide suitable motivation during normal programming, but when we spot a good gadget deal on QVC (or we're watching Baywatch reruns), well, our hearts are racing so fast that the Entertrainer would most likely be rendered useless.

[Via i4u]

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