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Florida drunk drivers request access to breathalyzer source code

Evan Blass
drunk driver

Every time we stumble from the bar onto a late-night train, we thank our lucky stars that driving a car in New York is strictly optional, but residents of less metropolitan areas, on the other hand, must monitor their nightly drinking like hawks if they want to avoid a dreaded DUI on the way home. Well some Florida drinkers think that the problem lies not in their choice of hitting the road after a power hour, but in the accuracy of the breathalyzer machines that tripped them up, and about 150 of them have filed a request in Florida court to publicly disclose the source code of the widely-used Intoxilyzer 5000. The request may actually have some merit, as Kentucky-based CMI, who manufactures the devices in question, has been accused of making uncertified changes to the machines, and has had to issue at least one recall in the past due to faulty software. No matter how this turns out, though, our best advice to these irate motorists: Call a cab next time, you morons.

[Via Techdirt]

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