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ZenMicroPhoto now available in US

Marc Perton

zen micro photoAfter a long wait, the Zen MicroPhoto is now available in the US. If you've been following along at home, you're familiar with the specs on this one: 8GB of storage, so-so 160 x 160 OLED display (trust us; we played with it and were not impressed), WMA PlaysForSure support, and the same form factor and color palette as the original Zen Micro (though Creative's online store is currently only taking orders for the gray model). At $250, it's going to be a tempting alternative to the iPod nano, especially given the fact that the Zen has double the storage for the price and works with subscription music services (don't worry, though; Apple will still sell ten times more nanos than Creative will MicroPhotos).

[Thanks, Alsyl]

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