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David Jaffe wants new game to "make you cry"

Ross Miller

Kratos and Medusa (225)After the success of God of War, creator David Jaffe did not take path most traveled with developers and get to work right away on God of War 2. In fact, Jaffe is still not 100% committed to making a sequel - "we're going to wait and see what the fans want us to do," he told MTV.
The point of the interview, however, was not God of War at all, but Jaffe's new project for the Sony PSP. Although no information is known about the project, Jaffe says that his goal with the game is to make people emotional. His game will deal with "what's happening in the country, what's happening with American and the military, [but] not be critical about it. His hopes is to make a game that can "address political views and still be fun and still be commercial and compelling."

If Jaffe keeps his goal of making gamers "actually choked up — if not crying," then he would be well advised to make it an RPG or FPS. Jaffe's untitled project has been in development for a few months, and hopefully we will get some more concrete information soon.

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