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Apple Remote and Universal Dock reviewed

Marc Perton

apple remote and dock

When Apple unveiled the iPod with video and new iMac a couple of weeks ago, the company also showed off a couple of new accessories, including the iPod Universal Dock and the shuffle-esque Apple Remote (which also works with the new iMac). Paired, the two turn the iPod into a home-entertainment hub, with easy connections for audio and video output, and quick access via the Remote. Of course, third-party accessories have offered similar capabilities for some time but the two devices mark a big move by Apple in terms of making the iPod more capable as a stationary, non-portable, device (and we're sure some of the companies making competing accessories aren't exactly thrilled that Apple has muscled in on "their" turf). iLounge took a look at both accessories, and found that, while not exactly best of breed, they get the job done when it comes to operating an iPod in the living room. In particular, they found it to be more limited than Kensington's Stereo Dock, which includes a power charger and audio cables, and found that the range of the IR remote was limited (not surprising, since it is IR). They were also disappointed to see that the accessories only come in white, given that Apple has been busily pumping out lots of black iPods lately.

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