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High definition ads


I was watching Monday Night Football a moment ago when I noticed something odd about the advertisements.

It took me a minute, but then I realized the ad was taking up the entire screen, instead of being in 4x3 like most ads. Around 9:20 or so, the Coors Light NFL "Love train" ad featuring the Patriots and the IBM helpdesk ad that followed (the "vault" one), were in 16x9. The Coors Light ad was definitely in high definition, it was crystal clear while the IBM ad appeared to just be upconverted as it was a bit grainy, but not stretched.

Well, I guess that answers that question. Football is your favorite sport to watch in high definition and I'm not surprised to see networks and ad agencies responding to that, I may use my DVR to fast forward through other ads but I will watch anything in high def.

I haven't seen full high definition ads since Sony's ads during the Olympics, have any of you noticed advertisers sneaking in high definition advertisements?


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