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Mightymuff iPod sleeve


The trend this year seems to be to name your product something ridiculous so that bloggers like me can't resist writing about it - if only to laugh at the name like a 12-year old.

I'm still giggling.

By naming their company Muff, these guys were already off to a good start. I mentioned the Muff Dock a while ago, the world's first fully functional beanbag chair for iPod, and now they are back with the Mightymuff iPod sleeve. It's a protective slipcover for iPod 5G, iPod nano or iPod mini made out of Cordura, the same material used to make punching bags. That's one tough muff! It's available with single or double thick padding (aka FAT) and includes a seat-belt webbing strap to keep your iPod in place. To round things out, it features a soft polar fleece lining so there's no risk of your iPod getting scratched when it's inside the case.

When you're done laughing at me, you can pick one up for $15 (single FAT) or $19 (double FAT).

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