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Zoom Systems plans expansion of iPod vending machine network

Marc Perton

zoom shop

We've been tempted to pick up an iPod or digital camera via a Zoom Systems vending machine ever since we first got tipped to them a few months ago. But, impulse buyers though we may be, we've avoided the temptation to slip a credit card into one of Zoom's airport kiosks so far. That may change soon, however, now that Zoom has started to get more buzz, and has announced plans to slowly expand its network beyond the two current airports it serves, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International and San Francisco International. The company launched in March, after working with a Japanese robotics company to develop its custom kiosks. Although iPods remain the biggest sellers, Zoom also sells cellphones, digital cameras and other gear, and has also set up custom installations for companies like Bose. Current plans include adding additional Zoom Shops in the two airports currently served, and expanding to additional airports. The company hopes to have as many as 10,000 machines installed by 2007. For the sake of our wallet, we'd better hope most of them are well out of reach.

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