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Sony's quarterly profits are So-Bad

Kevin C. Tofel

Sony's quarterly profit dipped to half of the profit level from the year ago quarter as they announced net profit of $246 million. This isn't a huge shocker as Sony got complacent in a few areas; namely portable music players and television sets. We could go on about how the iPod kicked the Walkman into next week, but at this point, most people are starting to forget the name "Walkman."

Did Sony think names like Trinitron, Wega and XBR would carry them for another 20 years? Probably not or they wouldn't have recently created the Bravia name. Welcome to the party, Sony; better late than never, although your financials don't show that. Sony's sales were flat at $15 billion, and stands by its guidance of an $86 million loss for the fiscal year.


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