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Tips and tricks on how to make a game in 7 days

Carnegie Mellon U experimental gameplay project

Remember that bunch of crazy students that committed to creating 50 games in one semester? Well they've managed to tear themselves away from their computer's to talk about how they created one game per week non-stop, for a whole semester.

A feature posted over at Gamasutra covers every aspect of the cut-down development process: from setting up a plan to moulding the gameplay elements together. According to the students, the key to rapidly creating prototypes for games is to "realize that failure is ok!" They also found that a longer development process (two weeks instead of one) doesn't necessarily result in a better game — just look at Daikatana for an industry example of this.

The whole feature is a goldmine for anyone interested in game development. Even people that aren't interested in the coding side of game development should find something of interest in here. So make sure to check out the tireless efforts of these four — beer and pizza starved — students!

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