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Apple's game hardware line-up still underpowered


Virginia Tech G5sApple's hardware suggestion page for gamers has been updated to accommodate for recent changes in the Apple's hardware line-up and now includes the G5 Quad. The suggestions cater to "Casual Gamers" looking to play simple arcade games right up to the "Ultimate Gamer" configuration, which features a 2.5GHz Dual Processor, Dual Core G5 Quad.

The top end machine, which tops out at a staggering $5,249, features an nVIDIA Quadro 4500 — technically not a gaming card — with 512MB of VRAM. Apart from that, the rest of the game hardware suggestions are pretty laughable: considering the previous generation cards featured on pretty much the whole line-up. Radeon 9200s, 9550s, 9700 Mobility and X600s are the only choices that other more budget conscious people have to choose.

As recent market share analysis shows, PC users around the world are starting to switch to the Mac in increasing numbers. Thanks to its stable operating system, integrated hardware/software solution and overall sex appeal, non-gamers have never had a better reason to switch. So why does Apple continue to neglect potential PC gamer switchers? Could it simply be that Steve Jobs ain't a gamer?

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