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Samsung's new i730, the m8000 to use WiBro?

Ryan Block, @ryan
Samsung m8000

You know how we keep saying we hope Samsung will release more versions of the i730 in the future? Well, looks like someone up there likes us, since apparently their i730's getting an upgraded name (the m8000) and WiBro (Samsung's own wireless broadband standard whose technology has been somewhat integrated into the working WiMax standard). We're assuming that means they're releasing it domestically, as to the best of our knowledge the i730 was a US-only release to date; but this marks the first cellphone we know if that has integrated long-rante non-cellular wireless data. The first of many, many more to come, that is. The m8000 also looks like it rocks a second camera for video conferencing (or first, depending on whether you have the proper rear camera), but we can't confirm (or deny) anything at this time.

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