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Cinego review by the HTGuys

Kevin C. Tofel

I really wanted to get my hands, and my eyes of course, on the $1300 Cinego D-1000 from Radio Shack. When I heard about the "all-in-one" setup back in the summer, I hopped over to the Shack nearest me. Unfortunately, I was told that the Cinego was an on-line only type of item. I'm all for shopping on-line; heck, that's how I get my pizzas delivered, but no demo products in the stores?

Lucky, other folks have either taken the purchase plunge or made real nice with Radio Shack for a demo unit. The HT Guys got their mitts on one and although the Cinego is only 480p capable with it's DLP projector unit, it is a simple solution as advertised. The Guys found an issue with DVD playback towards the end of a movie, but that might have been an issue with the demo unit. Wait a second....they got a demo unit? Radio Shack: we're not feelin' the love here!

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