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RadioShack to sell iPods, becomes Authorized Apple Reseller

David Chartier

Looks like RadioShack is no longer content just selling iPod accessories, they're going for the gold: after recently agreeing to become an Apple Authorized Reseller, RadioShack will soon begin to sell all flavors of iPods in its retail stores and through its direct ordering system, but not on its website for some odd reason. The many iPod accessories RadioShack stores already carry, however, will still be available through both retail outlets and their website.

Retail stores will set up an iPod-branded section where customers can make comparisons and have access to the collection of accessories available to "enhance the overall functionality and enjoyment of the iPod lifestyle". There's no word on how soon customers will be able to snag an iPod from a RadioShack, but I'd imagine they're going to try and roll this out just in time for the holidays. After all, the iPod retail boxes have so drastically shrunk in size, you could easily fit two in a stocking this year!

On a side note: if RadioShack is now an Authorized Apple Reseller, doesn't that mean they can sell Macs too? Wouldn't that be the day! Where else could you hear: "Yea, I'll take those triple-AAA batteries, a remote controlled car and an iMac G5 with iSight."

[via iPodNN]


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