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XM shows off concept for tracking parking lot openings


Well XM isn't just content to tell you where to go, what the traffic will be like, and how much the weather will suck when you get there, (oh yeah, and they play some music too) no, they're going to tell you where to park now with their concept system that tracks the percentage of open spots on a lot and beams the info to your XM equipped car. They've teamed up with Nu-Metrics and InfoGation to figure this out, and the idea sounds well and good, but not only will you need to install this yet to be developed technology in your car, but there won't be any data until parking lots start installing all of the equipment they'll require to track open spaces. So we're not really planning on seeing this happen for a good long while, but we sure wouldn't mind the convenience if or when it does, not one bit.

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