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Reggie's latest Revolution spiel: low-cost and no HD

Ryan Block, @ryan
Nintendo Revolution

Though the Nintendo camp's been silently grinding away behind the scenes, their US mouthpiece Reggie Fils-Aime took a moment to catch CNN Money a bit on what's to come. In his characteristic candidness (at least by Nintendo's standards) he apparently confessed that yes, shortly after the GameCube came out they did realize it seemed incredibly toy-like compared to the competition (honestly, that was the least of our complaints about the GameCube), and alluded to a "visually tweaked" DS in the future (thank god). So yeah, we get it, they're becoming a little more committed to the aesthetics of their hardware, great — but there were a couple things he was straight up about, like that Nintendo is staying the course to being the lowest priced console, and amongst the sacrifices being made to the console will be, as highly discussed, no support for high definition. Just how cheap is the Revolution going to be? Well, Reggie said they hadn't decided a price, but that it'll once again be less than the other guys.

[Via Joystiq]

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