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PalmSource spearheads LiPS Forum for Linux cellphone standards

Ryan Block, @ryan
Tux with a Treo

Today we see the dawning of a new special interest group, friends: the Linux Phone Standardization (LiPS) Forum is bent on, um, standardizing Linux for the mobile phone (easier said than done, we can assure you). The Forum, in the works for a little while now, was founded in order to ease vendor development for the platform, as well as to provide consumers a standards-based alternative to Symbian and Windows Mobile, which is exactly what's necessary if Linux on the mobile is going to go up against the big boys. Initial members include PalmSource (fresh out of their aquisition by Access), Orange, MontaVista, FSM Labs, and ARM Holdings (among others, we presume). When we'll actually see products based on the LiPS standards is pretty much up for grabs, but you know what they say about duty now for the future.

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