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MPAA says: pirated DVDs are the "new drug on the street"

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Man, we guess our health class teacher was right…marijuana is a gateway drug to the really addictive shiznit. You know: crack to smack until you slide all the way down that slippery slope to, er shooting pirated DVDs up your HDMI. See the MPAA is calling pirated discs and DVDs "the new drug on the street," since they've seen "a lot" of people being arrested for intellectual property crime (IPC) who had drug conviction backgrounds. They continue the puffery with: "We are aware that serious criminals are profiting from the illegal sales of DVDs. These types of operations are supporting networks of drugs and other criminal activity that we do not want on our streets." Look, we don't doubt that piracy is an issue, but it's pathetic when the MPAA (lovers of the Broadcast Flag, haters of commercial skippers) resorts to such fear mongering in hopes of furthering their cause.

[Via BoingBoing]

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