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Xbox 360 gutted!

Thomas Ricker

Xbox 360 gutted

Normally, we have to wait for devices to go on sale before we get snaps of them all naked, sprawled out, and gutted, but AnandTech have already ripped into an Xbox 360 for your sick amusement. Now listen up future 360 modders, 'cause they provide step-by-step instructions for splaying your console wide using only standard tools and a couple of metal sticks. Inside they discovered the Microsoft logo slapped all over the PowerPC-based CPU, Xenos GPU, and elsewhere clearly demonstrating the level of control Microsoft has had over this release compared to the original Xbox, which largely made use of off-the-shelf PC components. Better get your camping gear ready diehards, cause the 360 drops in less than a week.

[Thanks, Sargan]

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