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PC Moderator: "hack-proof" computer locking device

PC Moderator

With Internet addiction raging, er, out of control, isn't it nice to know there are PC lockdown solutions for parents who couldn't otherwise be bothered to coax their teens back in front of the TV where they belong. Woog Labs claims their PC Moderator product is a "hack-proof" OS-independent solution for limiting your child's computer access. It works like this, the PC Moderator device attaches to the VGA port (or DVI via optional adapter) on the back of your computer with another cable run to the PS/2 (!) keyboard port. The PS/2 keyboard and VGA display cables are then connected to the PC Moderator. Users must login (to the PC Moderator) by hitting their defined function key and entering a password. If correct, then the computer once again drives the display for as long as allowed by the PC Moderator's setup. Of course, this is hardly "hack proof" especially if your juvi has access to VNC software and another computer or the locked computer has additional video out options like S-Video…or simply room for expansion. Your spiteful teen will certainly find a way. Oh, and it seems to only work with PS/2 keyboard solutions so popular in the, uh, 80s. Other than that, you're good to go.

[Via BoingBoing]

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