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Woot: 61" DLP HDTV on sale


Still looking for an HDTV at the last minute to hook that Xbox 360 up to? Woot has got your back, they're offering the InFocus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV plus a high performance cable kit from Monster for $2499 plus $5 shipping. It'll be a tough deal to beat most anywhere for that 720p monster.

If you're not an experienced Woot-er let me fill you in, every day at midnight CST they post a product for sale, usually at a really good price, could be a computerized coffeemaker, surround sound speakers, could be a random bag of crap for a dollar, either way they have a specific quantity to sell and when they're gone, they're gone till the next day, it can become an addictive cycle *looks at credit card statement*.

Even if you're not looking for the TV right now, check out their podcast for what can only be described as a country-influenced ode to HDTV.


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