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Are you a casual or hardcore gamer?

Josh Owens

So you've hit level 60 and your wife/girlfriend/SO is about ready to use you to mop the floors... That sweet raiding guild has sent you an invite, but what do you do? You don't have time to run 40-man raids! How can you be expected to get any decent equipment when that raid guild runs DKP (dragon kill points) for rolling? This is the dilemma that every casual player faces when they hit level 60. How can we compete with our hardcore friends when we have a hectic life that includes kids or spouses? Our friends just sit at home playing every evening collecting their cool equipment/DKP points while widening that gap between casual and hardcore gamers. Hopefully Blizzard will recognize this player type and add more for them to do that won't involve that epic-geared uber hunter using you as his chew toy...  How do you think Blizzard can support the casual gamer more?


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