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iFeedPod - a free OS X RSS aggregator for the iPod

David Chartier

iFeedPod from Carnglas Software is a free, handy and straight-forward utility for downloading RSS feeds to your iPod. It supports importing OPML files (with updated support for Bloglines OPMLs) and grouping various feeds into one, making it easier to get through a lot of content from multiple feeds. Setup is pretty short and sweet, with a simple window for entering a feed's URL and name, along with the option of grouping it. To run iFeedPod you'll need either Tiger or OS X 10.3.9.

With the incorporation of podcasting into iTunes as well as all the RSS utilities out there for the iPod, I'm kinda surprised Apple hasn't pounced on this. How handy would it be to have simple functionality like iFeedPod built into Safari or iTunes, so when you hook up your iPod you can automatically sync your Safari RSS feeds (or at least headlines) along with everything else? No fuss, no muss, and no maintaining multiple RSS collections that are lying around everywhere.

*Sigh* A blogger can hope I guess. One last thing: as with so many of these other RSS utilities, there's no mention anywhere on the site as to whether iFeedPod is compatible with the iPod shuffle.

[via DownloadSquad]


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