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Bad luck with PowerBooks


Have you ever had bad luck with your Macs? I know in the past I've had long stretches of no problems whatsoever, but I remember painfully a G4 tower that had a problematic motherboard that was replaced by another dud, and the first batch of 12-inchers were plagued with warping issues, imho.

Jon Hicks is keeping score of the problems he's been having with his new PowerBook(s), and it's not looking good for Apple. The question is: is this the normal sporadic problems, where the majority of the product line is good, but there's a small population of unlucky souls who are plagued with problems? Or is this a trend of manufacturing problems that Apple needs to address? I don't think that Apple is going the way of the Dell with that company's recent trend of using old hard drives and parts in new computers resulting in cheaper craptastic hardware, but I do think that Apple, despite all its strengths in the hardware arena, could stand to beef up those strengths and add a little bit of ironclad goodness to the product line. I mean, Apple is ripe for switchers these days, and one experience like the multiple problems noted by Hicks would pretty much turn me sour on Apple if I were a new user. What do you think?


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