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Yet another Mac mini in a car


Mac Mini in HandsYes, we've blogged at length in the past about people sticking their Mac minis in their automobiles. However, the cool kids over at Digg are digging this little news item, so we thought it worth rehashing the Mac mini in a car meme here.

Here's the link to the forum post, which notes the installation includes: "1. Dynamix 10.2 touch screen 2. GPS System with the sorry app. Route 66 3. THE CNX-P1900 4. Mac Mini 5. Truck Actuator 6. FrontRow is here!!!!" There is a link to a video of FrontRow running on the Mac mini inside the car. Pretty cool, but unfortunately, it looks like all the pictures associated with the post have been trounced by the traffic the post has been receiving and that this happened before Google cache was able to grab them. So put on your imagination hats and jump on over for a read!


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