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Taiyo's BuzzTrainer USB shock therapy device

BuzzTrainer USB shock therapy

For that ADD friend of yours that has everything, why don't you score them some USB shock therapy to keep them on track this holiday season? The BuzzTrainer from Taiyo can also fulfill all your personnel reprogramming needs; according to the marketing material the device can "eliminate the desire to spend hours gaming, to file share, or to download illegal music." This works through setting up Buzz Keywords, BuzzApps, and even Buzz Scripts (Buzz yeah!) to make sure that devious peon of yours keeps to the straight and narrow, and if not, gets a nice little shock to pay for it. Even more exciting are the included tutorials for XP, Word, and IE which we're sure will learn you up right quick on spell checkin' and the like. They even recommend the BuzzTrainer as an acupressure system, but we'll pass, thanks.

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