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Verizon gets LG's Migo emergency phone

Peter Rojas
LG Migo Verizon

We don't know many kids who'd be stoked to have this as their cellphone — most eight-year-olds we've spotted with cellies these days are sporting RAZRs or Sidekicks — but it looks like Verizon has finally started selling the Migo, that emergency cellphone that LG was developing for them (which we first heard about back in August when it was called the VX-1000). Like most of the cellphones-for-kids-and-old-folks that are out there, the Migo is a pretty basic handset that's primarily meant to be used for emergencies or in a very limited capacity (like so that your kids can call you at home or work). The phone can only call five pre-programmable numbers (one of which will presumably be set to dial 911) and can't be used to send or receive text messages. Sells for $99.99 with a new two-year service agreement.

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