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WOW Insider Video Podcast: Halloween edition


I put together this video podcast for Joystiq back in October, but due to various issues, it never saw the light of day. I decided to go ahead and release it here for all of you as a sign of things to come from WOW Insider, as we've got some pretty good ideas for some video content bouncing around in the WOW Insider back offices.

The entire video was captured from within Argent Dawn using Screen Capz Pro on OS X. There is one error in the film, as I n00bishly proclaim the little colorful bobbles dangling from the huts in the middle section Halloween decorations, but they are, in fact, part of the normal design of the huts. Here's a direct link to the file (right click and save) and you should also be able to subscribe to our podcasts using the following URL:

The entire video lasts three minutes and is formatted for playback on the new video capable iPod, but will also play in QuickTime or iTunes 6. We'll try to offer future versions in both PSP and iPod compatible versions. If there are any particular flavors of video or special content or stories you'd like to see us cover in-world, then let us know in the comments to this post.

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