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Okay, sure, we've asked this before, but after months and months of using and loving it, I'm kicking it to the curb and shopping for a new email client. Why would I do such a thing?

Well, I get about 100 emails an hour and has started choking on them. Worse: it doesn't give an error or anything. It just stops receiving mail. It checks, says no new mail. I sit there ignoring it for a good couple of hours and then all of a sudden I think, "Hang on a minuten!" and I close, relaunch it, and am met with a deluge of messages that I hadn't known I had been ignoring. Not good. What really doesn't make sense is that this is with an IMAP account.

Anyhoot, I'm trying out Thunderbird (which is handling the IMAP nicely), but I'm not fully sold on it. Any recommendations? What's the best choice for a Mac user? And don't say Entourage. I won't have my email sullied by Microsoft.


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