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SureWest dials up Mark Cuban and HDNet for IPTV launch


SureWest is getting closer and closer to rolling out their official (non-beta) HDTV over IPTV network, and they just agreed to bring HDNet and HDNet Movies along for the ride. While they won't be getting CNN's Pipeline, SureWest subscribers can look forward to 1080i programming like "HDNet World Report" and HDNet Movies like "The War Within".

Cuban sounds siced about the whole thing:

"We are happy to be partnering with SureWest to deliver the HDNet networks to their customers in the Sacramento region and to be providing them with great original high-definition programming and exclusive day-and-date premieres of theatrically released movies. This is a great opportunity to be part of something as ground-breaking as the first launch of HDTV over an IP network"

Yeah yeah yeah, but when can I get HDNet on Comcast?


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